What do we offer with each job?

When you contact us, immediately, we will take down all the pertinent information that will be needed to schedule an appointment, such as your name, address, a good contact number, and the best time of day to reach you, along with the nature of your call. You will receive a call from either Mr. Tracy Postin or Mr. Jake Postin to schedule an appointment for us to come evaluate your situation. It is our goal to keep this as simple for you as possible. If it is not necessary or you prefer not to be there, we can usually get the estimate ready and just contact you with the information, but if you prefer to be there, we leave that entirely up to you. We are also glad to meet with insurance adjustors on your behalf to discuss any damages or claims that pertain to your home’s needs.

Once the determination has been made as to the type of work that you will need to have done, you will be given a WRITTEN estimate as to what will be done to your home with regards to the type of material that is agreed upon and the amount of material that will be used including all costs involved. It will be signed by our company representative (Tracy and/or Jake) and by yourself, the homeowner, stating that everything in the contract is agreed upon by both parties and you will be given a copy right then of the contract. It will be agreed upon as to the date on which the project is to begin. We do not ask for any money up front, but request prompt payment upon completion of the job and upon satisfaction of you, our customer.

We provide quality cleanup for each job. Whether it is our company dump trailer that we will drop off in the morning and pick up that evening, or if the job requires a dumpster from another company that we use, we will make sure that your property is handled in the best of care and that all debris and material is removed from the site.